Let's play "Guess who?"!




For pots section compete: Alba, Flow, Kabin e Scarlett

For furniture section compete: Cork, Giulietta, Loop e Luba

For lighting section compete: Flame, PicNic, Lady Jane e Floret


PRIZES: winners will be exhibited at the new Shop & Show in Denmark.


Preparations for the new Scandinavian Shop & Show are in full swing. It seems like everything is standing still but actually it's coming along perfectly. The official opening is fixed for mid December and only then the "lucky winners" we mentioned above will be able to furnish and light the new agency Serralunga.



For now everything is still a secret. We can't let out any clue. Otherwise, what kind of surprise would it be?


The choice was hard. All the products wanted to be there. They prettied up for the big jury composed by the Company bosses.


Flame flaunted his personality evoking the primordial connection between light and fire. PicNic staked everything on chromotherapy while Floret gained attention thanks to its versatility... after all he is a protagonist of space. Lady Jane stayed in the shadow, certain about the fact that the "light part" of her dual personality will prevail on everything else.


In the pots department everybody is so confident. Alba is sure to colour the environment, Kabin is betting on his elegance, Flow on his majesty and Scarlett on her femininity.


Speaking of furnishing, everybody becomes a Prima Donna. Who can blame them?


Cork that has a dual-purpose hopes to have a double chance. Giulietta knows how to attract the attention, Luba exudes a warm invitation while Loop keeps talking to himself.


Who will win the stage? We will discover it in mid December. Stay tuned!