The Outdoor Serralunga counts on light design at "Design Junction”

Serralunga, international spokesman for the original design Made in Italy all over the world, couldn't miss the open show "Design Junction": event that has emerged in recent years among the most crowded meeting spaces for designers and professionals who returns every year in a dual role during the London Design Festival and the Milan Design Week with a mix of cutting-edge innovation and creativity. 


Celebrating this year its 4th edition, "Design Juntion" is officially known as a fundamental showcase which thanks to its peculiar simplicity is the most appropriate space to guarantee a 360° view of the best international design brands and of the evolutions of the field. Contextualized in a stand with a few smart furnishing pieces, the focus of Serralunga's proposal during the 4-days show (Sept. 18th - 21st) is the outdoor lighting.


During this event that distinguishes itself for being an effective match between creative and commercial space, we decided to open up the light design world to its visitors, both professionals and amateurs, displaying ten different solutions through lamps and lighted furnishing pieces capable of establishing harmony between outdoor and indoor in case someone needs it. 


The light, with its dialectical dynamics with environments, will be the one and only protagonist in our stand highlighting the elegant and refined light design games: a potential creative spark for all the guests or, at least, a dynamic representation of the collections inserted in a real functional context. Everything in a place where the light and the wise use of lighting describe the products which where realized for enhancing both products and spaces in an accurate study of illuminating engineering.


The idea of "furnishing with the light" is already well-established in the International contemporary furnishing and it has defined the  undisputed power of lighting in the design field. More and more often you can see designers and actual works that are capable of furnishing and renovating environments only by an excellent and skilful use of the lights. On the other hand, light design is none other that the construction of forms, production of atmospheres and creation of emotions


«Artificial light defines the darkness, becomes a body, lives and relates with the environment, redefining spaces [...]. Light like architecture builds worlds, breaks down walls, enlarges spaces, invents scenarios and changes by its intensity: it is a flexible and cross "material" ready to catch and shape the consistency of the objects and their shades. Light is an anthem to the history of industrial design which has enlighed the possibilities of radically rethinking the concept of lighting» (quote Jacqueline Ceresoli).


See you at "Design Junction", see you in London.. and don't miss the Opening Party on September  17th 2014: YOU ARE INVITED! RSVP


Official Design Junction Serralunga