Serralunga @ Naviglio Mundial – Milano

Soccer is what remains after the Azzurri. Enthusiasts are what remains beyond supporters: people really keen on this sport able to fill life with any kind of emotion; just any kind... the Italians are quite familiar with that, incredulous while watching the close encounter of the third kind Suarez VS Chiellini during Italy VS Uruguay, the match which confirmed Italy's exit from the World Cup.

Serralunga is proud of being part of a special Italian team which will keep on following the magic of Brazil 2014. Indeed, until July 14th it will team up with Sisal and Soccer Illustrated for the event Naviglio Mundial, during which the characteristic Milanese area of Naviglio Grande will turn into a big village dedicated to the World Cup.


A floating platform long more than 15 mt is hosting, on the Naviglio's water - soccer ball lovers letting them watching all the matches live on big screens. Games and amusements are at disposal as well, among them walking water balls and a scale reproduction of the famous Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro to create the perfect setting during the whole event.     


Serralunga supports the initiative setting up the striking spaces with Design Originals furnishings : Loop, Luba, Barceloneta, Barcelonina and Oasis. 


Come and cheer with us! :)