At Milan Furniture Fair (April, from 14th to 19th 2015), famous Italian designer Raffaella Mangiarotti is officially introducing HONEY, magic lantern that makes you wander.


Free spirit, versatility and class. This is how the innovative object of outdoor design - which was studied by the elegant hand of Raffaella Mangiarotti in collaboration with Marco Ravina - is introducing itself. The matter marries the form giving life to a design object which is sinuous and refined.


The 2014 saw the designer busy with Floret, versatile outdoor lamp that remind of a lunar flower. The collection of outdoor furniture design LouLou is also one of the news presented al Milan Fair of last year: round and rectangular tables and small tables with matching benches.


Raffaella Mangiarotti, researcher at Polytechnic University of Milan and co founder with Matteo Bazzicalupo of Deepdesign Studio, has received many International awards. Her projects has always drawn the attention of International press.


We had the pleasure to briefly interview her regarding her latest garden furniture's object, designed for Serralunga.


1) You are back to Milan Fair 2015 to introduce the news designed for Serralunga. Is there something you took inspiration from for the realization of Honey?


I am inspired with beauty and light. They are the two most important things that define our environment.  With Honey I wanted to make these aspects of beauty and light very accessible for everyone.


2) What are the features that makes Honey different from the other simple lanterns?


I have spend a lot of time thinking and designing the shape. I wanted to have something that is very iconic and eternal but also have own definite character. It is very respectful to the icons. The lantern is technically very interesting: it is rechargeable and has a battery in it. This makes possible to maintain the charge.


3) Many predictable places comes up to mind but.. what is ideal setting in which you imagine Honey?


When you work for Serralunga, obviously you think about outdoors. Gardens, pool areas, terraces and balconies. But I think Honey could be great also indoor, living-room and as an original bed side lamp.


4) Last year you've worked on "Loungette" and this year you are presenting it at Milan Furniture Fair together with Honey. Any preview?


I'm satisfied with the work on Loungette, on every aspect: aesthetic, functional and technical. It's an outdoor homologated chair that carries the beauty of an indoor one. I think Honey is a beautiful and practical object. I believe I'll bring some lanterns on my terrace too.


5) What is your favorite object of outdoor furniture between the ones you designed for Serralunga? The one that gives you more satisfaction..


When you're working on an object for outdoors you have to think about a design that will be in a harmonious relation with the nature and the architecture. Plastic is a material of great practicality and comfort. I really like the relation between wood and plastic, it's very beautiful and it preserves the convenience on the almost total lack of maintenance which is  significant in an object for outdoors.

This is why I love Loungette, practical and elegant.



Thank you Raffaella, see you at Milan Furniture Fair!