The warmth of a house can go beyond its walls through the use of the right outdoor furniture. In this way, a simple terrace turns into a cozy living space; the garden becomes a relax place for grown ups and a playground for the little ones. A real outdoor living room where you can gather up with family and friends anytime during any season. Therefore, armchairs and sofas have the task to unite in their soft and comfortable materials that are both innovative - made with the latest technology - and of great refined design. Only in this way they are able to accomodate anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoor spaces even when the weather is not really accomodating (hard sun, rain and wind).


Among the 2014 most popular trends in the world of furnishing, the one who stands out most is the huge mix between indoor and outdoor which is capable of creating suggestive contaminations with a vague endless sign. Upholstered systems represents the perfect objectification of this synergy which is indeed perfect for living both public outdoor spaces - hotels, wellness centres, restaurants, ecc. - and also terraces and private gardens. However, in order to do this, they need an aid that supports the resistance, comfort and beauty.


Great examples of it are the upholstered sofas by Serralunga's famous designers - Hour (Claudio Bellini), One and Hug (Marc Sadler), Canisse and corresponding armchair (Philippe Nigro) - who use the innovative materials Dryfast and Solotex for the padding. Specifically, the dry fast foam, allows a really fast drying in the open air. On the other hand, Solotex combines to high comfort performances (memory foam, indeformability, flexibility) also extraordinary technical performances such as: durability, thermoregulation, anti-odour and transpiration.


Furthermore, the upholstered line Hour, One, Hug and Canisse offers a wide range of colours: soft pillows in different shades of red, blue, green, white, ecc... allowing the outdoors projects to match perfectly the indoor ones, integrating themselves perfectly in their trend to open up the interiors outside into a large and harmonious setting.