The outdoor design warms up the autumn. Well yes, common imagination often associates the concept of outdoor furniture to garden with fantastic poolside lounges and charming terraces where you can enjoy a fresh summer "happy hour" between elegant pots and comfortable designer chairs. However, the story doesn't end with summer. The tale of outdoor decors has a lot to tell also during the following months. For example, October is just around the corner bringing as well the fall and Halloween, which in Italy is getting more and more popular.


The central role of outdoor furniture results so important and evident in the autumn 2014 trend that is establishing itself also among the Anglo-Saxons countries: to realize an intense connection between indoor and outdoor, bringing the latter into the houses. Precisely, the idea is to design a unique living experience: «Bring the outdoors into the home experience. These thresholds to the outdoors offer more light and exciting access to "private" outdoor space. The result makes the interior feel like it extends beyond walls».


Meanwhile, the last edition of Maison et Objet (Paris, Sept. 6-13, 2014) has promoted to the theme of the whole fair a further trend, this time coming from the French design world: sharing (partager).  At this point, we must mention a designer piece that is the full emblem of autumn Outdoor and that perfectly embraces the sharing principle at the core of the International Design event. 


The stool "Porcino" designed by Aldo Cibic for Serralunga is in fact the perfect choice to spend an oper-air day during October days in which it's still possible to go on excursions, short trips and country outings with a touch of comfort and beauty. Exactly like the mushrooms which it was named after - perfect to enrich a lot of recipes - this stool results extremely versatile thanks to its ability to turn into a small table or a comfortable support base and, consequently, it's able to ease the cherished moments to best spend with friends and family.   


Furthermore, thanks to the illuminated version of it, it becomes a strong allied in order to create an enchanted and mysterious environment that characterizes the private and public outdoors during the magic and scary night of October 31: Halloween, tremble tremble the witches are back! To welcome witches, ghosts, monsters and other terrifying creatures it is essential a setting that mixes an original outdoor design with the pleasure of the game. This way, small tables and pots become a support base for candles and pumpkins; chairs and benches let themselves be covered by blood stains and spider's web, and so on. For sure, the unique and fundamental touch is given by the enlightened and well decorated pieces that get sinister and turn spectral every environment in the dark of the night... certainly a screaming outdoor design