Outdoor design: it’s e-commerce indeed! Serralunga moves with the (digital) times

Only in the first term of the year, in Italy there has been an increase on online purchases equal to 18%. In the meantime, Serralunga, always in step with the times and paying special attention for innovation, has recently launched the online store developed for the German market and available at shop.serralunga.com with many offers and promotions


The shop is proposed as an online hub of all the original products Serralunga, making more immediate the access to the outdoor design Made in Italy we produce with creativity and technological research since decades. The idea behind the project is, in fact, giving an excellent user experience thanks to the e-commerce tools specifically made for allowing an easy consultation of collections catalogue and then proceed easily with the purchase procedure in a few click, from home or the office. 


In addition, the platform has been realized from a "social commerce" point of view: together with promotions, the many products pictures and descriptions, it allows users to interact with each others leaving comments in the dedicated space on every product-page. Moreover, the user has the possibility to access our official blog on www.serralunga.com through a direct link, to keep up with Serralunga's world.


The online shop is the new frontier of German professionals and design lovers looking for renowned Outdoor Design: here, not only can they find the piece of furniture of their desires, but they also find new ideas, tips and inspirations thanks to the "social mood" of the e-commerce Serralunga. We are talking about a double innovation: from the outdoor design furniture pieces - mix of practicality and aesthetic charm - to the purchase itself, which becomes more and more engaging for online users.


Indeed, according to the results of a recent study on the Italian boom of e-commerce by Osservatori.net, design field shows a +220% in the last year, making sure that Italy follows the example of United States and Germany, with a much higher score. Design and furniture, indoor and outdoor, they seem to be the new frontier of the e-commerce. In other words, online purchases represents the new and winning trade way for high quality furniture producers, gathering together both professionals and final users. 


Well, be ready to click dear Design lovers in Germany. And for the others... to be continued.