Everything is finally ready for the new Scandinavian Shop&Show by Serralunga. Outdoor design industry witnessed the "race" between outdoor chairs, garden lamps, pots, armchairs and lighting of all kind. Everybody wanted to be there. 


Even if the color range is very wide, for furniture stores has been chosen a must: white color. It can't go wrong.

Many Serralunga products won the scene and the choice was very difficult for the grand jury. On the podium there are: Paloma, Bonheur e Canisse Poltrona.


Paloma is one of the fundamental components of Serralunga's family, therefore, it couldn't miss; Bonheur, elegant and sinuous, gently spreads light with its opaque white color, creating contrast with the gray of its structure. Finally Canisse, that with its naturalistic vein and its simple and irregular appearance completely hits the mark.


Among outdoor furniture of Scandinavian Shop&Show there are also PicNic, June and Loop perfect for garden design and able to give outstanding home design ideas. Also others have been nominated: outdoor chair Barcelonina has won a spot in the front row along with an icon of its own family: Barceloneta.


Between the outdoor chairs, there were some other products who caught the attention: the versatile Cork which can be a container, a stool and also a table and Time Out Armchair + Stool. Time Out Collection in particular, it superbly represents the simple role game that can take place between wood and plastic. Nothing better than living materials can heat plastic, giving naturalness, elegance and warmth in every kind of environment it's placed. Seems like a hard mission, but for Cork and Time Out it's a cakewalk!


What else could we say? All together they form a great team!