Who said that the kitchen must be just inside the house?


Imagine a garden, the perfect setting to prepare real banquets. Outdoor elements can get some rest in them: pots nurture vegetables, barks become walls and grass rolls turn into comfortable carpets. A green lung where you can enjoy your everyday life, exchange smiles and enjoy the nature. A place to free your "hunger for open air", to bring to the table the real flavors of the earth, breathing its scent.


It's not a dream but reality. This place exists and it's called Kitchen Garden, it's located at Garden Center Ingegnoli in Viale Pasubio in Milan, where, since 2006, there's an 200 square meters installation which was conceived and designed by landscape architect Patrizia Pozzi together with scenographer Angelo Jelmini.


The garden area is represented by Serralunga. Vegetables grow within Vas-one Family , carrots show off trading their place with radicchio while cabbages and eggplants get a tan under the sun.


Vas-one Family is a line of pots by Serralunga which lends itself perfectly to both outdoor and indoor environments. It's made from linear low-density polyethylene, a resistant material which is 100% recyclable. It has many sizes, from the miniature version to the oversized one from respectively 12cm up to almost 2 meters. The pots which are 50cm and up are also available in the illuminated version!


Kitchen Garden means "vegetable garden". A sort of minestrone soup from an even healthier recipe than the traditional one. It's cooked with special ingredients which are as lively as friendship, as colorful as flowers, as tasty as products grown in vegetable gardens, as fun as outdoor games, as romantic as love and as tasty as good cooking. Add a pinch of design and a dust of quality and originality and... dinner is served! Obviously in the garden.